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Holistic Balance Sheet Management for the New Era of Banking

The financial landscape is changing.
Stay ahead with
next-generation analytics.

We're redefining what's possible in Asset-Liability Management (ALM). Through deep optimization of risk calculations and integration of cutting-edge software advancements, we enable unprecedented agility and analytical capabilities.


Discover a fast-track to next-generation analytics for holistic risk management with MASTIX ALM Studio.

Next-Generation Analytics

A New Era of Banking

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Money and Markets are Moving Faster
Money and markets are moving faster

Digital transformation and new customer behaviors are changing the financial landscape. Money is moving faster and tech innovations are transforming the relationship with customers.

Banks need to keep up—which means risks need to be assessed faster.

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Money and Markets are Moving Faster
Risk managers are under increasing pressure

Risk assessments must not only be faster, they also need to be holistic to avoid blind spots.

In addition, regulators are requiring comprehensive analyses, with more detail.

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Money and Markets are Moving Faster
Legacy systems are falling short

Achieving comprehensive and swift risk assessments is proving difficult for old-school software—if not impossible.

Compliance with coming regulations will be costly. 

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Money and Markets are Moving Faster
At a crossroads: stay ahead or try to keep up

The changing landscape is affecting every financial institution.

Those that adapt will be able to compete confidently in the modern market. 

Those that stay on the same path will experience escalating costs and the loss of business opportunities.

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Money and Markets are Moving Faster
How to adapt to a fast-moving world

Agility is key to keep up and navigate uncertainty. Risk analytics need to be fast and have a holistic perspective. With fast and holistic analytics at your fingertips, you're prepared to adapt to the unexpected.

A holistic approach also means that you are aligned with the overall strategy of your institution, so that you can act on insights with confidence.

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Money and Markets are Moving Faster
How MASTIX ALM Studio can help:


With calculations that are often +1000x faster than legacy systems, you get accessible calculations across the entire balance sheet. 

It also translates to significant cost reductions for hardware or cloud.

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Money and Markets are Moving Faster
How MASTIX ALM Studio can help:


No more blind spots. With MASTIX ALM Studio, you can explain the dynamics of the balance sheet with confidence.

Every calculation can be explained in terms of risk factors at a granular level. A degree of transparency never seen before.

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Money and Markets are Moving Faster
How MASTIX ALM Studio can help:


Do more with less. Spend less time on calculations and more on gaining balance sheet insights.

Our unified cash flow framework ensures consistent treatment of credit, market, and liquidity risk.

Risk can also be analyzed according to accounting standards like IFRS 9, anchoring directly to the reported balance sheet.

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